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We are Lyuba Tours, a friendly, innovative travel company based in Sofia, Bulgaria. We do tours of Bulgaria, the Balkans, Central Asia and the Caucasus. But not just this - we love to explore.

Lyuba Tours was established in 1990 by Lyuba and Yuri Boyanin (father). In the beginning, right after the collapse of communism in Bulgaria, these two ambitious people, engineers by education (Yuri was also an archaeologist), had little formal knowledge how to run a travel business. But they had a big heart for their country and its people.
They wanted to show Bulgaria's diversity and uniqueness in a way no one else did.
Sadly, Lyuba passed away from cancer in the winter of 2016. The company is now run by her son, Yuri (named after his father) and Stefan. Inspired by Lyuba's remarkable creativity and passion, we endeavour to keep the company name, and to continue Lyuba's noble quest to explore and show our world to friends and guests from near and afar.
Our goal is to expand but without losing the human touch and heart. We take pride in being different.
We are passionate about history, culture, art, architecture, food, nature, city and countryside. A journey with us allows to meet people and see things that are not in any travel guide. We strive to go beyond what any other travel agent has ever done. Every tour with us is a once in a lifetime experience. We believe in responsible tourism: tourism that brings benefit to both guests and hosts. Tourism that leads to mutual cultural enrichment and understanding. Tourism that sparks the imagination, that brings joy, that improves livelihoods.

Meet our team - small, but passionate. Each of us has a big heart and an open mind. We listen and feel our guests.
We are flexible, understanding, patient. We embrace our tourists as if they are our closest friends or family.
We make every day of travel a joy and celebration of life.
That's our philosophy. Enjoy!

  • Yuri Boyanin
    Yuri is Lyuba's son. Travel is in his blood. He's been on the road since 28 days old. Ever since, he's visited 130 countries on all continents. He is enormously passionate about the world, about Bulgaria, about art, architecture and history. He is eager to show you some of Bulgaria and Kyrgyzstan's most splendid and least known corners. Yuri has a PhD in History.
  • Stefan Bozadzhiev
    Stefan has been with us for more than eleven years. He is the embodiment of Lyuba's spirit. He is a well read, well travelled, adventurous and brave young man. Stefan is, put simply, Bulgaria's best travel guide. There is no one even close to his knowledge, passion and experience. Travel with him and you will instantly feel inspired.
  • Dinara Kanybek kyzy
    Dinara, an economist by education, is the motor behind our Kyrgyzstan, Central Asia and Caucasus operations. She is also behind much of our art. Dinara's got a big heart and passion for travel and the world. She's blessed with a gift to uncover inspiring experiences and people. Her diligent work is what makes our tours to Central Asia so unique.
We don't believe in making a profit at all costs. Much of our profit goes for social causes and art projects. Yuri's dream is to open a small orphanage, or school for disadvantaged kids (we have, sadly, many disadvantaged kids in Bulgaria). And the school will have a little guesthouse or hotel, where kids who have reached a certain age can work, get proper training in the hospitality business from a young age (just as we did with our families), and they can provide an extremely homely, cosy environment for guests. And we can together grow much of our own food, organic and tasty.
We believe in exploring this big, wide world, with its numerous joys and sorrows. We believe people are not that different from each other. We believe people share very similar, very real problems. Travel helps understand each other, and finding solutions to these problems.
Let's travel together. Let's make the world a better place for all of us.